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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  July 2, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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taking a look at the forecast. with a sunny and hot conditions. towards a 98 degrees. with 80 degrees inland in a bit cooler along the coast. that sea breeze could kick in. with a low 70's for the coast. finally taking a look a your seven
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day around the bay with plenty of sunshine in store. hot! and warm, it is going to stay warm with it 90's inland. even 70's for the coast. >>pam: 7:30 last night authorities say that this was a nose dive right into the water. that hit a wave. the plane capsized. no serious injuries. passengers for rescued with a nearby boat. >> i heard a horrendous sound. no doubt the plan have been a structurally damaged. >>pam: of 24 different how
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personnel from the coast guard how. once they saw the firefighters it was really fast the passenger recovery >> if they were on the seen instantly. him and with this double digit hot weather in parts of the bay. and even triple digits! they are issuing a strong warmer warning. and anybody who is breaking the rules? stiff penalties. were you can and cannot use fireworks. >> many of you are enjoy your fourth of july holiday weekend but please be careful. police and fire are out and about the fort illegal fireworks. you can see my map. out and about- for illegal areas of
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fireworks, san bruno, pacifica, new work, a union city and finally dublin. new work-to talk about asking what is safe zones? you wortoward new newardkall of guin be found on the website. not even going to be using any? you could face a $500 fine- $1,000 fine or even one year in prison. fire caused by fireworks. . the bottom line is that most of the bay area of the art illegal. reporting in the newsroom, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> this holiday weekend is showing that more d.u.i.
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checkpoints what the towns and cities are cracking down. and charles clifford has the latest. >>reporter: sobriety checkpoints are in san francisco and in san jose, oakland, hayward, san leandro, livermore, sonoma county, sullenness come a comer in and they do not want to give it to specific on the details. you can find a saturation control in numerous locations including san francisco, berkeley, fremont, dublin, sonoma county. also increased police presence in palo alto, mountain view, and the santa clara. again, no matter where you are, in the if you are driving this weekend? expect increased police presence on the freeway. c h p is also asking anybody that might be thinking of drinking to plan ahead. find a designated
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driver, take a cab, public transportation, called a friend if. also if you see somebody drinking and driving? please report them at 911. charles crawford. >> speaking of drinking. boat patrols they are expecting recreational water traffic. that can also get a d.u.i. alcohol is a leading factor and it boat /watercraft crashes. governor arnold schwarzenegger getting divorced. still ahead, the former first family saga. a woman a causin--dominique straus kahn, the accuser losing
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credibility. we will be back.
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among the woman claims that she was sexually assaulted by former imf leader, strauss kahn, he is a bit more relaxed the system leaving with his wife in new york city. they have shown concern of the credibility. showing that she has lied about the location of where she was. and he was released on his own or tie dense but the police are still not alone to leave the country. he was released on his own recognizance--roadside clearing the lives of 13 civilians. including four children. also a southern
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district claimed the lives of a councilperson and in kabul, attacks in afghanistan with 36 civilians along the eastern border of pakistan. >> residence in los alamos, new mexico are waiting for the " all clear " to return. charred/blackened 62 square miles of the largest in mexico history. they are preparing themselves for the rush of service calls and even flooding preparations with the surrounding mountain towns. also los alamos national laboratory threats with over 100 checks put on hold. flames
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flushirushing along the riverside. . will have your forecast but first, big celebrations with royal weddings and france. in france--we will be back.
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>> welcome back. a beautiful shot from mount tam cam on the left. a full check of the weather. the looks like the guadeloupe overpass on the right. lots of sunshine, clear blue skies and a beautiful forecast for your holiday. 63 in walnut creek.
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the afternoon high today will be 97 degrees and cooling to 88 degrees. it is still going to be warmer. right now, '50's and 60's. 63 in fairfield. 62 in mountain view. 62 san jose. if you are going to be gone to the beach today? it is going to be beautiful! 70's along the coast. tomorrow even warmer with even 80s expected for the beach forecast. a beautiful time to go to the beach. also from today 12:00 p.m. that high index! he'd advisory saturday and sunday, 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. stay hydrated! 98 degrees expected. with 76 degrees in
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ocean beach. 74 in half moon bay. 91 expected in palo alto. towards the east bay powerhouse 84 enrichment i84 in richmond---through concord. 97 in pleasanton, 91 in sunnyvale. 90's through morgan hill. your kron 4 7 day around the bay continuing to sue the warm temperatures. >> your eyes are not playing tricks on you we are talking about triple digits. and even parts of the sierra snowfall. snowfall in the month of july. we predicted this. this was the scene earlier in lake tahoe. snowfall at higher elevations. perhaps a bit
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more crowded on the roadways. and on the ski slopes. people are trying to ski and bikinis ski anin bikinis. >> gas prices this is what to and expect to pay for the fourth of july. $3.88 in san francisco for regular unleaded. $3.78 an oakland. the $3.79 in san jose. >> mario shriver with eric oirreconcilable differences. the " love child " from arnold schwarzenegger and turns out, no prenup.
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>> he was a movie star and she was a princess of the kennedy legacy. they became the most powerful, goals and the country. that all came to an end on friday. they became the most powerful couple in the country. their 25 year marriage came to one end. just six weeks ago the california governor admitted to fathering a child with this woman at the family's longtime housekeeper. that boy is 13 years old. just six weeks with in the same age as their biological son from the shriver marriage. no prenup! 50/50. the of four children including 17 year-old patrick and 13 year-old christian its schwarzenegger. morris is
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seekin three shriver is seeking marine shriver is seeking custody. >> clear traffic, light blue sky we will be back.
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>> 7:23 retreated from the a's only yesterday marked ellis meeks is colorado's rockies debut. it traded from the days. mark ellis to the colorado rockies. >> baseball. the giants check this out. jim with giants up 1 - 0 brian wilson but giving up a single. and that the game
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was tied 1-1. the and pablo sandoval, at the plate. back and away but not gone. good enough to score a real one. they led 4-1. four-one. no the detroit tigers. brendan gets through-now the tigers. the respondent, there goes a bit of a tanker. and the bases loaded 4-3. jeremy gets a kleiner to crawford. the double play to and it. brian wilson feels a lot better after winning 5-35 corp., 4-3.
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>> the diamondbacks after shoulder problems with the 2011 debut. the a's scored four runs suzuki. cracking it wide open. five-one in the 6. deep to center but co co to go up and get it and break it back down. and in support, a sixth warnings, six strike spouts. 5-for oakland a's. >> 5-4 = final score for oakland a's. >> the first run homer ellis, an rbi double. a triple away from hitting the
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cycle. what a debut! for mark ellis. that the color red rockies, traded recently, from the these one of the longest players. to play for the a's. >> in palo alto on july 25th. the men's, the semifinal injuries. as we take a look of the crowd is storming. a bidding, all over the grass and full court fashion. their fourth set before he put it away. the final. and he is pretty much on defeated. as you see the scoreboard against
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djokovic and tsonga all four times. match point and on grass, forget it. the no. 1 player in the world. >> n f l, the day of the lockout and nba. they one of thday one of the lockout, nothing accomplished. >> nike sponsoring michael veeck. >> still ahead on kron 4 news this weekend the budget. and changes on the roadways will comif he could not
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the memo? a law that fog! your full forecast
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>> welcome back it is going to be a lovely day. let us check-in with your full forecast. this is sunscreen, weather. >> absolutely. however from the golden gate bridge you can still see that fog. we will have lots of sunshine and even sunscreen weather as isabe mentionl. that he to advisory from 12:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. stay hydrated with
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that-heat advisory during that heat advisory. as is a bill mentioned sunscreeisabel. e can expect. it is going to be definitely sunscreen weather. with 70's to the coast, and 90's inland! 96 degrees in napa, 92 in santa rosa. 95 and novado. 94 in antioch. and 98 degrees and morgan hill. taking a look a your fourth of july forecast. of sunny, hot, warm. if the little bit of a cool down with the sea breeze kicking and. low 70's for the coast. taking a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay plenteouy of
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sunshine with the '90s inland. upper 70's and 80's along the bay and even the 70's for the coast. let us check back and with isabel. >> every day should be a sunscreen de llet us get back to the news bart, munich, caltrain. good news. bart, muni hopes half to finalize these plans. them with a stroke of a pregn--high-speed rail funding cuts. $35 million out for caltran, muni is up by $27 million. muni was planning to offer the state connecting
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downtown san francisco to chinatown. just this small section of what is needed. the governor uses a line item veto power to block he felt the money was not going to be entirely used with a high-speed rail project. that would eventually connect the to southern california. he says the funding is crucial to find transportation agencies teaching part system. >> one high-speed rail tickets built when high- speed rule gets built-we were all lumped into projects that had nothing to do with high speed rail. i do not double second guest
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governor jerry brown but i think that other projects got lumped into high-speed rail. they could start looking for other funding forces. in oakland, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> changes with new laws. those yellow, clean vehicle decals for hybrids are expiring. exactly when? confusion. grant lotus will sort it out. >> this started early friday morning. >> the yellows are hybrid in 2005 are now expired as of june 31st. june 30th, 2011. >> kron 4 was with the c h p when he began enforcing the new rules. before you knew it, this hybrid was pulled over in the carpool lane. >> there is no place..
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initially, beginning in mid the month of may the dmv mailed out letters. we believe that people are well aware. >>reporter: no ticket was issued but his said that the later-his law--said that it was through today. i assumed that to they would be the last day. >>reporter: more complications said that the letter has a two different dates. effective july 1st. the second seconds science after july 1st. and if you look at the state air resources website? the alert in rett text says that the hybrid is expiring and will not be valid after july 1, 2011. and because it today was july 1st where you can drive with these yellow stickers on friday is officially murky. >> the law goes into effect
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on friday enforcement is not one and to go into full effect until tuesday, july 5th. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> just a few days after 56 police officers were laid off of san jose budget cuts. now the fire department. the house rolling brownouts are in effect with your fire engines. those so-called " brown outs. rob fladeboe explains that fire fighters are getting pulled from active duty. >> fire station 9 in san jose on a corner of hillsdale and ross avenue in the central section of some jossan jose fees rolling " brown outs. what does that mean? on most days station 9 is a fire truck. that is with that fully functional fire truck and a fighter engine at all times. not
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today. only this fire engine is out of service and also the fire station 29 in north san jose. firefighters on duty. there are only four. others are scattered throughout this the city as needed. if there were to be a fire in this particular district? the ruling browned out would promot--dictate the need for a firefighter to be pulled in from another district. >> also from a five fire fighters to four firefighters helping the city with a balanced budget. all of this coming just before the fire dangers are heating up. in san jose, kron 4 news. fed >> still ahead, the latest developments in the casey and the anthony--the casey
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anthony jury deliberations for the holiday weekend. and taking a look outside a very hot but beautiful and lovely day. (music)
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>> the fourth of july weekends are put on hold for the jurors of the cascasey anthony trial. arguments such as the mother could have not been home on the internet during searches for toxic and chloroform. prosecutors ardor that it was casey to in the web searches for chloroform. she
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is facing charges killing her daughter. if convicted? death penalty could be an issue. possibility// >> moammar gaddafi is asking to be stepping down requesting to be stepped down. in response? he is going to threaten homes, businesses. it is not - clear-if he will " make good " on these serious threats. alert clinton ways and. >> also the octimom a public breakdown. financial troubles. wheat into a reality show. leading
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into a reality show offer.
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>> welcome back and 7:45 a live look at walnut creek it is going to heat up, quickly! 97 degrees expected. through the bay area forecast, let this just in whiff janwith janu. >> plenty of sunshine with a 55 degrees 77 by noon. 14 with 80 by lunch. -flirting with 80 degrees. antioch will be about 70 degrees. 60s through mountain view. 63 in fairfield, fremont the heat advisory today, tomorrow. 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. very hot inland. it will be cool with local sea breezes. 97 in petaluma. 921
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the santa rosa of 96 along ocean beach. 93 degrees expected for redwood city. as we go towards the east bay. 84 and alameda. 89 degrees to a castro valley. inland almost getting to triple digits. 99 degrees. 97 near pleasanton. and in the south bay, and 90's through our roof, mountain view, at 96 in milpitas. 98 degrees expected for morgan hill. finally, your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures are not going to change that much. a slight cool down as we go towards monday. however, plenty of warmth, sunshine and with mainly 90's. upper 70's, low 80s for debate at the 70's for the coast. fed >> in walnut creek the west
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by virus was found west nile virus transferred from birds. and the spread to humans it was found in a black, dead crow. whist nile cases can be fatal. >> a victory enrichment. their attempt to fill their community has been put lead with opposition. however, it is turning into a positive message for all of us. >> the students in richmond high school cvs as problems. >> the city says graffiti is the on authorized spring as paint. >> they had to cover their efforts of public art. >> after weeks and weeks of
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efforts making this a public mural. where were ordered to take it down. >> they learned a lesson in city government. >> went to three council members the first was pretty negative. >> we wanted to show them that this was bellevue because we created it and we did not think that it was right to cover it. >> their concern was that it was gove-gainsand govern gan gang attacking. >> we spoke about city art commission, the freedom of speech. and with a more proper documents in place? we had 100 percent approval. >> now it is even better. >> and may-it went from a
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negative experience to now, the students to learn about law. >> we should all be allowed to express ourselves. this is real art and wanted to try to make richmond more beautiful than it already is purify >>reporter: in richmond, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> california consumers will be getting a break of the cash register because the state sales tax is going down by 1%. an expiring tax hike from 2009 is the reason. there will be saving one penny from every dollar and it will add up. particularly on a large ticket items they are hoping that it will actually improve the economy for the state. >> california municipal transportation agency fare hikes. $2 increase for monthly musn featheri pass
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also, caltrain has increased. monthly-passes increasing cost from $8.75 to-from at&t park. >> the yellow stickers have now expired. however, good news. the zero emission vehicles. if this is a list. these are eligible for a white sticker. 10,000 white stickers have been issued. these have zero emissions these vehicles. >> prince albert and charlene a onetime olympics were from south africa. that
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is the french president carzi, we will be back.
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>> octimom, she says she cannot handle what's going on. she says i. " hate babies " they are disgusting. my older six animals are getting more and more out of control. she is facing aconviction not able to pay the mortgage. she reportedly has a deal with a reality show. a celebrity t- date, get ready for action,, the and teen
7:56 am
romance. here is a preview and " no shelling ". now showin >> transformers. transformers plays a hidden role and a base race between america and the of airspace. this is rated pg-13. >> if aftea reinvention with committee college, joined a gang of students and develops a crush on his speech teacher played by julia roberts. larry kron was co read it in and directed by tom hanks. and it is also rated pg-13 >> three friends to take a
7:57 am
dream trip to monte carlo. when the city of lights does not lead up to its expectations. selena gomez, gets mistaken identity for a british royalist. >> jan wahl will have her take on a " thomas crownthe news film. we will be back. (music)
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we are back at 8:00 a.m.. this is live footage from of wedding from monaco. a former ally bus this is a church wedding with plenty of guests. french president sarcosi, and prince albert is ready to take the vows, and grace kelly is
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looking down and saying, 'finally"! we will keep an eye on this. >> there she is, looking quite lovely. >> a lot of great looking ahats. and welcome back to kron 4 news this weekend. marty gonzales is of enjoying this three day weekend. and many people stayed home because of the gasoline prices. even though the descended just a bit. we will check your gas prices. and the why, illegal fireworks all of that coming up. d t e y check the dui checkpoints coming up. jan? this jewish, lesbian is
8:02 am
amazing how she made it through? we will speak to the author on the gertrude stein. >> henry? >> this is hot. in honor of the independence day weekend there is controversy and radical, unscrupulous foreign leaders. it is a subject of a book a little local author and however, she really believes this. the seven touch of the american economy from a foreign forces. >> and you must be complete esp intuited that is a sector was going to say >> taking a live look. with
8:03 am
fireworks, and heat. you can expect that will have hot weather. still overcast but it is going to be cooler on the coast. fifthjanu will tell us all about it. janu? >> janu: looking through walnut creek we have a little bit of a patchy fog with heat advisory that will be in effect. today, and even hotter tomorrow. a mixture of 50s, 60s, 70's in antioch. 55 in san francisco. 63 degrees in fremont and in the san jose it is going to be a perfect beach day. 70's along the coast. 72-77 temperatures range and even 80s along the beaches. there is a heat
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advisory from today, tomorrow. 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. you want to stay cool. you want to stay hydrated. you want to stay in the shade for a barbecue. with 80s and 90s inland! and 98 in concord. 74 degrees in half moon bay. 98 degrees expected in morgan hill. taking a look at your fourth of july forecast slightly cooler. but still hot. a bit cooler along the coast. with 71 degrees on the coast. finally taking a look at your your kron 4 7 day around the bay plenty of sunshine right into the extended forecast. 90's inland. '70s for the coast. isabel? >> thank you. the news
8:05 am
through sausalito is that this airplane crashed into the water. last night it was taxiing when the front took a nose dive right into the water. causing taxation after hitting a wave. people-capsulized--it was capsized. >> the plain capsized. once it hit that wave. with more police officers. -test the plan had no oil or gasoline leakage. >> sobriety checkpoints near lombard and even along the embarcadero adjacent rooms. they should pre-planned before festivities. with a designated silver driver, taxi, or use public transportation and a designated sober---
8:06 am
designated sober driver. >> and even out on the water. jeff bush was out of the san paolo reservoir are police going to be looking for? >>reporter: this is topped off with water full of fish. with all of our rainfall, 30,000 fish stocked. they are expecting a record turnout for this with a delight in addition to the warm weather is also offering free fishing for anybody that wants to come out. >> you do not need a fishing permit. you do not need a california license. other than that, enjoy. >> lots of people out and about along the shoreline. rangers and park police will be patrolling, heavily. >> drinking, no drinking and driving just like a vehicle. you can get a d.u.i. .08 >>reporter: printers police
8:07 am
will also be looking for reckless endangerment of wildlife, and also as tempting as it is there is no swimming allowed. this is a direct link to water supply. people want to enjoy this facility but safety is number one. rangers and police will be out patrolling looking for any violations. at the san pablo dam reservoir jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> still to come, president obama is sharing his independent state office. and a live look from the san francisco roof cam. very different than the golden gate bridge. still, a lot of fog. we will be back.
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>> this fourth of july has president obama speaking about americans come with a
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shared love of the country. >> on monday we celebrate independence day the data we declared a new with nation based on a revolutionary idea. nation that they can promote the their independence, the rights of every human being it was not given to us from king's/emperors. democracy is not always pretty. we have agreements, disagreements, and time again we can come together to solve problems. we remember that war would not see eye to ongoing everything we share most of this country in a fate of great faith. >> we will meet that great budget woes and challenges. >> this royal wedding of shirlee- charlene, soon to be the highness of monaco.
8:12 am
princess christine and prince william and catherine continue their canadian tour. they watched an evening performance to celebrate the canadian anniversary of 104. and did you see that red hat? the festivities draw crowds. . the canadian forces in fighter jets. from a 21 gun salute. his >> offical fireworks. a live look outside to the san mateo bridge. casually cool. the weather is going to heat up. (music)
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>> here is a list of just a few of the official fireworks shows. . 39 in san francisco. pier 39. >> with some double-digit even triple digit heat expected. fire officials slush police are issuing a very strong warning. anybody caught setting off fireworks? they will pay for it. most bay. cities have outlawed fireworks. j.r. stone has more. >> many of you are already enjoying the fourth of july holiday weekend. but be careful. police are out in about looking for people that are going to violate laws. this man up there are only five cities where it is
8:17 am
safe this map-is showing only five cities with the san bruno, pacifica, n ewark and dublin and the union and city. these are safe and sane fireworks. sparklers. matladen's these are what you can like in your hand and they do not project. --often these are just held in your hand. if you decide to violate these laws? the $500 fine and even one year in prison. or, $50,000 in fines if it causes a fire. most of the bay area, most of these fireworks are illegal. reporting, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> taking a quickly look
8:18 am
outside. a beautiful shot. janu is your full forecast. >> your live look outside. is still sof and---socked in with fog eventually mid-90s. it will still be warm. temperatures are mainly into this produces 60s even 70's in antioch. 54 degrees mainly-staying in the 60s and starting in the 60s and eventually getting into the 70's and 80's with a heat advisory today and tomorrow. you want to stay hydrated. keep cool. if you're going to go to the coast? with 72- 77 degrees and even 80 degrees in some places.
8:19 am
temperatures are going to be getting pretty warm. 92 degrees. 97 in petaluma. 75 degrees in mill valley. 76 in ocean beach. 80s in the san mateo. 90's expected in palo alto. towards the east bay, 89 degrees in hayward. 92 degrees in union city. hall almost 100 and martinez. 97 and walnut creek, pleasanton. 97 in the livermore valley san to milpitas. 91 and of sunnyvale. 98 degrees for morgan hill. your kron 4 7 day around the bay will continue to stay warmer. plenty of sunny days. upper 70's, low 80s and even the 70's on the coast. >> still to come, changes
8:20 am
that will impact how california budget. plenty of changes and first, henry is talking about some authors. >> and a liberal president has an agenda to bring down u.s. government. this is fiction. but if there is any truth in it? >> if it walks like a duck and talks like a docwe will talk about it coming up.
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>> welcome back to kron 4 news this weekend. here is the author to was a promise. >> the basic premise is that with a navy seal found man-made earthquakes crew by
8:24 am
th pupresident and that could bring down the economy. >> and if earthquakes would beat manmade? >> and that the liberal president would be trying to bring down the stability of the national economy. >> and you've gone your conclusions? >> yes. i own a point of view. >> this man who route and pointed out that we do not have conservative authors. and he is considered a conservative " but you really believe that a fact- fictional presence but this represents what president obama is trying to accomplish with totally transforming the nation. >> many of the things, yes. >> for example? what do you
8:25 am
think that is going on in the white house that we do not know? if he is responsible for the debt crisis? >> he could be taking a page out of the playbooks and once the populace more dependent on the government to make it more mccarthy - esque advancing the left wing and making the people weaker so they're more dependent on the federal government. it is a more it anarchy-kidding white status with a a sor---anacr-- . the author said- anarcy and czar and king- like
8:26 am
presence. >> we have to hold these leaders accountable. >> and if your perhaps keeping them accountable? and if you think that he is trying to take over the government? if not of on scrupulously? >> the short answer is yes. and i think that if you prepare a box of 100 questions. and to check a box to dismantle the constitution. throw away free market, and interviewing the bio specter to destroy jobs. >> socialized medicine. >> it is a bit murky but if you really had his way it would of been a single tier system. >> correct. and according to you he is not doing very well. >> i think regrettably is
8:27 am
doing an excellent job of accomplishing his agenda. >> even though we did not get what you wanted. >> he got 95 percent of what he wanted with socialization of medicine and the crown jewel. >> what else? the month he took over the largest automotive manufacturers. he fired the ceo. what what a sitting president has ever fired a ceo? the government and the private sector as opposed to the separation of " church and state " example. >> that is not what i see. i see that the private sector was helped by the government. >> several will take that view. there are laws that of course would contradict that, or promote to left. >> this book. >> that is okay. >> kilmer is a local offer called " red house " and it
8:28 am
is a good read. a local- author. kilmer the rush limbaugh of the bay area. >> talking about a brand new and instrument a japanese instrument coming up. whoa!! the really big chicken sandwich combo is back! and it's as big as ever. i'm gonna jump it! you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese
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plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
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a walking back toward los testicular your forecast. >> a he advisory! saturday and sunday. this--heat advisory saturday & sunday. 90's expected to carry upper 80s along the east bay. 74 and east bay. 98 degrees
8:32 am
expected in livermore. taking a look at your fourth of july forecast. still hot, inland. temperatures of beginning to about the low 70's. and those sea breezes could kick in. finally, taking a look at your your kron 4 7 day around the bay showing us hot temperatures. a lot of sunshine in store with triple digits in the end. 80s for the bayshore. 80s for the coast powerhous will continu into the workweek. isabel? >> thank, jaaannu. >> governor jerry brown cutting the funding to public transportation. they were slated for it
8:33 am
$70,000--david dollars-a- they were just there were slated to receive $70 million. for a large project. there were going to use that to replace its aging will cars. the spokesperson says that these have been in place since 1972. >> that money is supposed to people to get from the high- speed rail onto bart. when the highest speed real was ohigh-speed rail--we need to continue to make improvements. >> this is still on the budget table, however the muni/bart will be seeking other financial shins.
8:34 am
>> taxes. >> the 1 percent tax cut kicked in on friday. 7.25%. to-9.7%. and with only one penny? let's just say that the $3. that will save you 35. that is a savings of $468. --$4.68. how what a television? $600, here is where you can really see the savings the purchase of a $25,000 vehicle. $250 the chicken spend/save on something else. already they are seeing the difference. >> people love, and the today because of the sales tax has gone down. people--
8:35 am
have already seen it--that even the that we can see. the windy city sales has seemed that this has an impact. >> it is not enormous but it will still make a difference. and i think that any drop as good as far as i am concerned. >> in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> rolling brown pants. san jose fire fighters rolling brownouts health---- >> the of the centri that noth'a summer of. i watermelon ...
8:36 am
$699! this side by side. unbelievable. coming up on bay area bargains. airpark home and appliance. (music)
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> just days after san jose laying off over 60 officers. a fire department is trying to make do " rolling brownouts " into effect. one fire station is covering for another with a locker response time. the chief a longer-response time. >> we expect the response time will increase but we do not want to see an increase in fire loss. we do not want to see a diminished patient outcome. what we want is for patients to be a able to access 911 so we can
8:40 am
minimize our response time lack >> this program could be taboret. and in hot weather such as this weekend that the bis the decis made on the dated basis. that decision is made on the day to day basis. based on the hot weather. those rolling brownouts. >> here are some $86 million budget impact. changes to the physical registration fee. 0.65% with the maximum of $125 = vehicle registration. big ticket prices will see the most difference. >> state income tax dropped 1/4 by 1 percent of for
8:41 am
$1,000? he will seek to dollars more in the your paycheck. still to come on kron 4 you will see-two more dollars in your paycheck. >> also a submerged seaplane. and update on that and first, jan wahl. >> isabel, she was one of the most amazing women that ever lived! her impact is still with us. gertrude stein will talk about this remarkable person coming up gertrude stein her new book. the cult author is with us. the co-author is with us
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> walnut creek with plenty of sunshine and a beautiful forecast. warming up to 95 degrees. and a eventually 97 degrees it will be pretty hot. still warm with 88 at
8:45 am
8:00 p.m. a mixture of 70's. 60 trees through mountain view, 68 in fairfield. this afternoon is really going to be hot. this--63 through mountain view. low 90s along the peninsula. 90's and los gatos. 98 and morgan hill the heat advisory today, tomorrow. definitely stay tight credit, stay cool and stay in the shade. time is 8:45. let us go and check in with jan. >> thank you. this is gertrude stein who was popular with matisse,
8:46 am
picasso, and that the list goes on and on. she was an amazing woman absolutely incredible american slashed jewesamerican woman who had a domestic relationship with out and proud of amazing. did this so much for artists. there is a new book called seeing gertrude stein in amazing exhibit. with us is the co-author. ladimir what an amazing picture. he and tell me about gertrude stein. >> what we will hope that people will discover in the contemporary jewish museum and in this blocofon the facets of selling that are unfamiliar. when we think of
8:47 am
gertrude stein. people have the association even the people have not read her work. usually, an image comes to mind of the portrait by picasso. it is right now at the san francisco museum of modern art if you've not seen it. people that would be able to the mentally in vision.. correct and if you perhaps sought a photograph of gertrude stein. >> she stand it out and lived out loud. >> she had a cold statice and artistic communities. how-she had a cold-status called-status she had a cult-status and a artistic /gay communities. in this
8:48 am
show we emphasize the collaborative productive production with other artists and in different disciplines such as thomson. she created the upper 45 and three different acts. >> that will be here in the san francisco. the of the contemporary jewish museum and she made at this through paris during the nazi government. with this book explains and the museum explains how she made it through the nazi invasion when she was living as a jewish woman in paris. this is an amazing book. you can get us that the museum.
8:49 am
>> " midnight in paris " it is a term affect film. played by kathy bates-a trip terrific film---gertrude stein. >> also, a documentary from 1970 to get you into the mood. when you see this, remember me. also the museum of modern art san francisco branch. thank you for making this come alive and how proud we are of a work. back to you, isabel. >> great. coming up on kron 4 news this weekend extra police patrols they are looking for drunk drivers. we will have a report. first, henry. >> we have a new, amazing that the vice. amazing the
8:50 am
vice-device this is an amazing device. (musical instruemnt) kind of like a steel drum. >
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
in 1846 the saxophone was created. and let me introduce you to this instrument. (music)
8:54 am
this off 'humm' is created in 2000. we will give a tour of this is a brand-new unique instrument. tell us why this is so special. >> yes. >> can you give us a tour? >> this is a religious to the steel drum and the gongs what makes this special is the shape in which we have this beautiful case. >> you have this whole and the polls impact the a reverberation on the inside.
8:55 am
>> that whole-- >> that wholthat wthe the wilhole creates .. percussion what attracted you do this? >> the main reason is the sound. is unique. and in my mind it is so different it reminds me of a flute, sometimes it reminds me of a heart. the main attraction
8:56 am
was the range of sound. >> if this is perhaps unique for only songs. >> this is a relationship between meditation and the sound. and there is more intimacy associated with this instrument. it was created for that. however, it is not really created for playing popular songs. >> how much? >> $160 and 0. >> can you take us out with some music? >> okay.. $1600. --. laura it is going to be performing
8:57 am
at the following. for more information? www >> that is a lovely it is meditated of. we are going to pin give you an update for the official divorce of maria shriver to read and san jose is beautiful. that hot weather is coming. through this holiday weekend your full forecast coming up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> welcome back to our third live hour marty gonzales is off. california first couple has divorced. and even snowfall! who will have your full stories and full forecast. >> so much going on. what a wonderful day for history of the palace hotel. the venetian room is a great place to go. also the new tom hanks/julia roberts bilfilm. >> this is daisy. daisy and fireworks to not mix. do not
9:01 am
mix. and by the way? cut to take care of your pets during a fireworks coming up. >> henry. daisy is beautiful. >> taking a live look. still socked in blue, hot. >> let us check and with janu >> thank isabel. taking a live look. from our mount pam cam that cloud coverage with a patchy fog along the coast. lots of sunshine in store but there is a heat advisory. if it is going to get even hotter, tomorrow. temperatures with a mixture of 50s, 60s, 70's. if 70's through napa, antioch and 54 in half moon bay. from
9:02 am
noon-9:00 p.m. you want to stay hydrated, stay cool. it could even get to the coast for a relief. if you want to get some relief? even 80s on the beaches tomorrow. deftly, perfect conditions are going to be perfect. 92 in sentences cohinland and vall, fairfield, santa rosa, ocean beach and 76. towards the east bay, 86, 87 degrees in berkeley. 89 in castro valley and almost triple digits. 97 degrees in walnut creek. and 99 degrees and martinez. off 93 of the san jose. 90 expected in morgan
9:03 am
hill. your kron 4 7 day around the bay lots of sunshine, we will stay 90's in london upper 70's for the bay and even 70's along the coast. it-90's in the upper bay. >> this is video of a airplane taxiing along the bridge way before it took a nosedive into the water. it hit a wave in the plane the capsized the plane capsized after hitting that waves. >> i heard this horrendous sound and i thought what is that? essentially >> there were 20 different officials. firefighters,
9:04 am
boat sunk in 10 minutes it was really fast. >> that seaplane submerged but it was not leaking oil. >> holiday weekend with more police officers making sure that drivers stay safe with the checkpoints and extra patrol. charles clifford what towns and d.u.i. checkpoints. >> sobriety checkpoints are planned for san francisco, and in san jose, oakland, hayward, and modern recountcounty monterey county ty did not want to give specific details. drivers can also expect saturation controls in numerous locations in san francisco, berkeley come dublin. the and increased police presence in mountain view,
9:05 am
milpitas and san cobra. again, no matter where you live if you plan on driving this weekend? increased police presence. the c h p and other are asking if anybody is taking about drinking and driving? plan ahead. call a friend. if anybody sees a truck driver report them by calling 911. charles crawford, kron 4 news. >> park rangers and police will be stepping up about patrol. if there are expecting a record turnout for drunk borders. just like a car that can get you a dui. alcohol is a leading factor in both related accidents. >> still to come, the war of
9:06 am
fire camping out of los alamos-the residents of los alamos waiting to go back home after that wild fire in new mexico. also the latest from the in the strauss kahn,
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> the woman who claimed that she was sexually assaults of the strauss kah n may have jeopardized your own case. this is him leaving his new york apartment. her credibility could be at risk. she says that he was in the hallway,
9:10 am
when she was waiting for a supervisor. the stores are not matching up. he is not able to leave him out. stories-- >> gunman killed a local council member and pakistani protests with 36 civilians bombing in recent weeks. and a coupkabul continued the intern intercontinental hotel violence. >> meanwhile here in new mexico, los ga alamosa officials are hoping that
9:11 am
this believes it is under control. in the area. the blaze has been contained not rushing towards los alamos. the very fragile and nuclear testing plant is in los alamos. several projects have been put on hold. waiting for this fire to subside. >> still ahead, your forecast and taking a look outside at walnut creek from mt. tam it's really delicious, mom.
9:12 am
9:13 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. i hay head out the wi. oh, we're dering evhing you chink of: ywood, ct. i, i e the breezring on my te.u chink of: weh, every week. we'ullin' a b or soin'. don't know. st do. i don't as long we alwaysp at chevr d get that techrtuff. my ealop around. as long chet out.sp at chevr [ malnouncer ] car akes care ou, care ft. hevron witchron. my ealop around. as long chet out.sp at chevr care for car.
9:14 am
it's haork; i d a nap. >> 9:14 a double live look outside. a hot weekend ahead. walnut creek on the left san jose on the right. not just a beautiful day but a hot day. i hope you like the 90's. >> let us take a look outside with blue skies and
9:15 am
plenty of sunshine. it is going to be a hot holiday weekend with low, patchy clouds but look at this from downtown. the golden gate bridge. with 57 degrees and up to 77 degrees. 79 for thou hide. with 69 this evening cured with a 79--4 this afternoon. with a 69-4 this evening. 80s and 90s expected in novado. sat. & a = heated 53. 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. and
9:16 am
saturday & sunday = heat advisory. 90 expected in morgan hill. taking a look it york at extended holiday forecast. at your extended holiday forecast. plenty of sunshine and that sea breeze impacting temperatures bay-area wide. with your fourth of july forecast, it is going to get hot! with 98 degrees inland. '70s for the coast. isabel. >> if you want to take some cool vision your eyes are not playing tricks on you. snowfall in july. we talked about this with the weather predicting earlier
9:17 am
predictions-earlier this year because of so much crazy a high mountain country snow. people even planning to ski a in bikinis. >> fuel prices are down about 245 sense of memorial day. this is what you can expect to pay. since memorial day-san francisco = $3.80. $3.70 an oakland. $3.88 in san francisco. perhaps this is no surprise that maria shriver has filed for divorce against governor arnold schwarzenegger fathering a child out of wedlock with a member of the house staff. no provincial.
9:18 am
>> he was an action hero movie star and she was a princess of the kennedy clan they became one of the most powerful couples in the country that ended on friday when she filed for divorce. they were married for 25 years. the divorce came ias no surprise with his admitted to this, of fathering a child with the housekeeper. this child was born the same week does the youngest child of the maria shriver child was born. this does not mention anything about a pre-dawn shall so there does not seem to be one. schwarzenegger's earnings would be evenly divided between his estranged wife. they have four children with
9:19 am
a 17 year-old patrick and 13 year-old christians schwarzenegger. shriver will receive both custody. if >> still, too, with some confusion surrounding car pool stickers. and will support it all out. henry? sort it all out. >> and only you can fire prevent fireworks injuries. the fact of the matter is is that they are illegal and they can even of land you in jail. taking care of you, your children, your pets, coming up on kron 4 news this weekend.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
>> welcome back. daisy just got out offered dog collar. we are here to talk about
9:23 am
fireworks. it should this got out of her dog collar. --pad safety. >> many people-family pet safety. >> you want to certainly make sure that your family pet is in sight. if your dog is domicile? keep your family dog inside the home. you could even think about consulting with your veterinarian about getting an anti-anxiety medication. if they get out? they need to have that microchip. >> some dogs to not like fireworks and if there is a human presence it makes a big difference. and let us talk about fireworks themselves this is a table.
9:24 am
and as far as this could put you away for 20 years. these violated prohibited kro fireworks. >> some of these most of these are not your local safe and sane variety. most of these are brought in from other cities. the only allowed are these sparklers. those can also be very dangerous. families need to know this that they can burn 1200 degrees that can cause second and third degree burns. also, safe and sane can cost 92 percent of the injuries coming from the improvapproved last these are large rockets that are illegal to possess. i will not like it in front of you. but if you get enough
9:25 am
quantity without a permit it is a felony. >> jail time? >> yes, jail time. and it is a felony. >> this looks like a taliban! look at this. >> there are certain things where you are able to get the illegal. >> i am very scared of these. >> and i can not help if i am just being honest. >> there are only counties certain counties. this is not considered dublin. dublin, n.y., union city also the only three cities newark >> pacifica and san bruno also allow safe/st. if that does not hearcount if you bought those on and out of state
9:26 am
place. safe and sane. not all fireworks are considered safe and sane. >> if you are in an approved city. listen to their policies and their police department and what you what want to do is consult with them. know exactly where to do it perhaps there are city parks available. there are some in the dublin area that are a lot of louring fireworks. certainly not in hayward and all fireworks are prohibited in hayward and fairfield. >> i have my lighter. and i have my safe and sane fireworks. and after this i think that i will skip this. >> i'm going to keep an eye
9:27 am
on you, henry. >> isabel. >> watch henry. >> already heating up. that fog is still hanging on. it is going to be 97. we will be back with your full forecast
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
fifth >> and welcome back. that far along the bay shore with heat advisories. from 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. saturday current temperatures! if you would like a relief from these high temperatures going to the beach. eyeholeven s possible along the coast. temperatures are getting pretty hot. 90's. 94 and ronald park. and through burlingame. ronald parkeroanoke6
9:31 am
in oakland. 84 degrees in alameda. after 93 expected in fremont nearly triple digits. 97 degrees in pleasanton. more 90's with mountain view, los gatos, 97 degrees through milpitas. and 98 for morgan hill. taking a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay with still a sticky triple digits sticking around. 90's even next week. '70s on the coast. >> the cuts to high-speed rail system for munich, caltrain and bart. jerry brown for muni--cutting funding. what does this mean for bay area
9:32 am
transportation? >> governor brown signed the budget and cut high-speed rail funding for muni and bart and caltrain. muni will not get the $27,000,000.30 $5 million out of part board is out of the amount of the $5 million. and bart is not going to see $35 million. this money was just a small portion of what is needed for billions of projects for improvement. one of the and on lot of of the list was a high-speed rail connection between chinatown in san francisco. a eventually it will connect the bay area to southern california the high-speed real funding is crucial to transportation aging the high-speed rail funding project.
9:33 am
>> one high-speed rail is built our train cars perhaps he does not realize that those excess of passengers need more rail. and a signing that budget? perhaps he did not realize about our funding was completely cut out. perhaps hours was lumped into other projects. >> bart and muni could continue to look for high- speed rail funding from other financial sources. reportin reggie kumar. >> the yellow clean air vehicles hybrid stickers are expiring. and exactly when there is an officially some confusion. >> grant. >> this it created a stir confusion early friday.
9:34 am
>> the yellow issued for hybrid vehicles are now expired. >> kron 4 was with the chp officer when he began enforcing the new rule. and spier pulled over this hybrid driver in a car pool lane. >> there was a notification is sent out by the d m tv we believe that people are aware. >> note ticket issued with the driver says that the letter he got said something different. >> the letter stated that it was through july 1st. so clearly by assumed that today would be the last day. >> further complications and shows two different dates. effective july 1st. the next sentence and bold breeds
9:35 am
after july 1st. if you look on the-it boldly reads-after july 1st. the website? the red text says it is not valid after july 1st. because this is july 1st. where you can drive with the yellow sticker on friday is officially murky. it's the bottom line is that this law went into effect on friday. it will not go into full effect on tuesday july 5th. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> we are back. looking live at monaco. her serene highness marrying prince albert. and everybody is looking gorgeous, a wedding gown, with no information on who was the designer it
9:36 am
looks like the entire town is and a celebration they have become a long marriage to them. jan? >> and some mark grace kelly is a saying finally! and servicemen, servicewoman, for martinis we will talk about one of these great places in our beautiful city of san francisco. that is coming up, do not go away.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> it has been top of the mark. an amazing room. absolutely stunning. all of you should get over there, to go to the top of the march and swing dance. definitely. i am so happy i
9:40 am
am so glad you are here. you are the manager of south of the market and you have been four years in the best front person you have been there. greeting people and including servicemen that signed this. >> back in the day, from world war ii there will stop and have a drink before shipping out. a couple of years ago i had the idea that maybe to provide a book of memoirs and photographs. >> fantastic. >> with a wonderful compilation. and you have done other great things including the dancing. swing dancing right there in the middle. and you have man of
9:41 am
trivia with. the movie series of based of movies based in san francisco. i even have a martini named after me because i am there so much. it is like at the palace hotel or the venetian room, the vermont, the iconic rooms. >> correct. >> we have a lot of amazing things in san francisco when you should take advantage and juliet. >> you are from london a? >> yes it was difficult for me to decide. and checking history san francisco has treated me very well. >> it is very cosmopolitan and even the windows corner people would wave goodbye to their servicemen. and they have bay when thoswith n--a wi's
9:42 am
corner >> what to like the best about top of the mark? >> tourists, and we cater to everybody. that is my favorite the complexity and diversity of people. >> you are going to have the black and white striped scene? yes, for the month of july. the tuesday top of the mark during the wine tasting and a movie. they have live music. w w w . and it is welcome to for everybody. >> this is a story of a
9:43 am
restructuring of a man's life. he goes back to school end a bitter julia roberts is one of the best. and she makes him even the sexy and she gives him compassion. it is a bit of a spencer tracy /hepburn but it has still makes you feel a little bit better about the world. what is wrong with that? larry crowne. it is worth getting through because it makes you feel better about the world. like all of our great san francisco places. rock on the, san francisco thank you for top of the mark. it back to you. >> is that a jantini?
9:44 am
>> they call it a swinging martini. >> even abseinthe - >> first a live look of san francisco. the final check of your weather when we come back.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> welcome back to kron 4 news this weekend a live look. plenty of sunshine. with some a patchy clouds. currently 68 degrees. it is going to warm up by 90. with 93 and cooling 281 degrees it is going to be nice evening. temperatures outside are bought a 64 degrees in santa rosa. 74
9:48 am
and fairfield and nearly 80s through antioch caho7272 degrees in its half moon bay a eventually. it is going to be if a beautiful day for a cool down? you may want to head to the coast. heat advisory from noon-8:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. it will be nice along the beach getting to about a 70 degrees. a 72-77 with even 80s for sunday. taking a look at the seven day around the bay. the next work week in fact triple digits. 80s on sunday. with a '90s inland. 70's along the coast. >> we will be right back run
9:49 am
kron 4 news this weekend and first henry in the garden. >> just about every type of wheat. i have spent a longer time every type of-we'--we weeds we have spermicidesandhere and non selective herbicide it is safe for children as long as you keep it safe and secure and try. the toxicity level. >> and put them in a safe place when not in use. let us show them. >> one of the things is that
9:50 am
there are some burned out. it is the vinegar-based materials the key thing is what the temperatures are. and what is happening with the weather. do not put this on an overcast is logical because it will not do the job. >> it is safe for family pets? >> yes. >> and this perhaps this one is the most recognizable as round up. it is round othe most recognizable is round up. that gets of sorts to through the leaves.
9:51 am
>> that is a bit dangerous that gets absorber is through the leaves. >> what if you just have grass? >> that gets of sor that gets absorbed through the leaves. >> if you'd like to protect your desirable swis you can us a piece of cardboard for at >> and what if i do not want to kill my grass? >> there are selective hebicides with crabgrass controsl a couple of different solutions. >> and if there is a manual? >> you can even pinpoint
9:52 am
exactly what you want to get rid of. >> one of the problems putting a material is a that you get those leaves to grow into the organic matter. by putting this down and any material like this is not necessarily guarantee that is going to prevent weeds forever and ever. to deal with this on an annual basis. i do not like the week so i use a chemical solution to minimize my stress. i would rather spend my time relaxing or using my efforts towards my grass. how mulling my long. mowing my lawn >> this is burlap which is organic and -- naturally decompose. henry, noticed this problem and this is not even. otherwise, let me
9:53 am
level those.. .. this >> i am sorry. >> this is a television demonstration. let me fix this. >> get some of burlap. put down mulch. and to be aware that he eventually this will be replaced and you will get tweets coming up through their. >> eventually, you will i guarantee it. you can go to the bank on that one. >> that is how it is going to look. this is not a total and all solution. a eventually, you will need to replace this.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
fifth >> happy fourth of july, everybody we will see you (music) (music)
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